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Hi – My name is Shona Eastman and I am a married mother to 3 children and founder of Uneik Jewellery.

Uneik Jewellery began in 2007 after I made a pendant for myself that had my 3 children’s fingerprints on it. It was not a fine piece of jewellery and made from a messy silver clay type product, but it was my children’s prints.
I began to wear the pendant and received many positive comments with everyone loving the idea of recording children’s prints in jewellery. The original design was not perfect, and I would have preferred something made out of Gold or Sterling Silver.
Over the next 7 months I was able, after alot of trials and many errors, to develop a process where I was able to produce fingerprint jewellery using 9ct Gold and Sterling Silver.  We were also granted a registered Australian Patent for this unique process. (IP Australia Patent 2008100644) During the development stage I also found that there was also an interest to have names incorporated into precious jewellery pieces. 
In mid 2008 we launched Uneik Jewellery with 2 jewellery ranges:  The Fingerprint collection and the Expressions collection (name jewellery).  We then went on to develop the Hand & Footprint range.  This range is loved by our customers but is also suitable for those that only have hand and footprint memories of their loved ones.  We then went on to add our pet print collection for those that love their pets. 
In 2016, and approaching 10 years of Uneik Jewellery, we decided to re work our website from scratch.  We had new product ranges we wanted to add including our handwriting and sound wave jewellery, new images and new logo designs.  It was while working through this process that we came up with the Capture App to streamline the collection process.  In the 12 months that followed we had the app developed and approved for both Apple and Android uses.   The app allows a more streamline collecting of fingerprints, hand and foot prints as well as pet prints and handwriting and sound recordings to give you a faster turnaround on jewellery delivery.  
In 2017 we were proud and excited to launch our brand new website and Uneik Jewellery App.  While the concept of the app worked really well it proved unstable.  In 2018 we had the app platform reconfigured with a stand alone backend that aloud us to make a more stable app.
In 2019 we start the year with a stable app, that we love, and are finding it is being embraced by our customers.  We plan to launch a range of products that will reply on the app to produce a fast 48 hour turnaround jewellery range.  2019 will also see the introduction of a handcrafted leather and bead range as well as an expanded current range.  We also plan to expand our memorial jewellery products.   
We are so excited to see how much Uneik Jewellery can grow in 2019.
Uneik Jewellery works with a skilled team of industry professionals, so that you receive a high quality precious metal product.  To find out more about how our jewellery is produced visit our Process page within this website.
Uneik Jewellery studio is located in country Victoria, approx 120km west of Melbourne, near Ballarat.
We look forward to creating you your own Uneik Jewellery piece and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
Thank you for taking the time to view our jewellery collections.
Shona Eastman and the Uneik Jewellery team  Xx