Hello and Welcome to Uneik Jewellery.

At Uneik Jewellery we create precious jewellery pieces that capture moments in time.  Each piece we create tells a beautiful story about your loved one.

Our range includes Fingerprint Jewellery where we capture your loved ones fingerprint and incorporate it in our jewellery designs, we also create pieces with your loved ones handprint or footprint, or we can use a signature, a short handwritten message or a simple drawing to totally personalised a jewellery piece.  We can even capture a sound and turn it into a soundwave on your jewellery.  We have not forgotten the other important members of your family, your pets.  We also offer a complete range of pet print jewellery. Our pieces are truly personalised, just for you.

Prints and images are captured via our free downloadable app or through ink capture kits that we can mail to you.  Memorial pieces can also be made from a photocopy of previously collected prints.  Explore the website to find out more or contact us via email or phone.

All Uneik Jewellery pieces are handcrafted in Australia and are created in beautiful Sterling Silver (925) or 9ct Yellow, Rose or White Gold. (375)